When I get around to it, there will be a lovely explanation here of exactly what ‘Reprobate Fringe’ means.  Something expanding on the original inspiration:

“A true reprobate is an evil, immoral person, but the R.F. are the dangerously open-minded souls the religious right has condemed to hell without getting to know anything about them. We have very radical views in the R.F. For example, we believe that if you say you love your neighbor, then you might actually consider being loving in your words about them and your actions towards them. ”

Somewhere to celebrate all the ‘alternative’ things that make so many people so judgmental.  Not just the so-called ‘alternative lifestyles’ (which, when you think about it, aren’t really alternative to the people living them). Alternative spiritual beliefs.  Alternative diets.  Alternative educational ideas.  Alternative medical notions.  Whatever alternative notion it is that made someone look at you and go “WTF?”

This will (hopefully) be a group effort. If you would like to be a contributor here, leave a reply with your email address. If you want to tell a little about yourself, feel free – why are you a member of the Reprobate Fringe? No, it doesn’t pay anything. This is a labor of love, or something like that.

In keeping with what should be true R.F. philosophy, there will be few rules, but don’t expect total anarchy, either. To prevent trolls, all posts and comments are moderated. That doesn’t mean that opposing viewpoints are not allowed – what fun would that be?  We may not all share each other’s beliefs, but we will be nice about our disagreements. Yes, it’s possible to tell someone you think their idea is a little bit crazy without being nasty about it. I promise.

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