Easy entertaining: Champagne Planters Punch

Is there anyone throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year that isn’t at least a little bit tempted to go all in on the Roaring 20s theme? Oh, come on – you know you were thinking it. Why wouldn’t you? F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, flappers and bathtub gin, throw in some ragtime and the Charleston, and you most definitely have a party.

Wouldn’t a vintage punch bowl be a great touch?

And if you’re having a party, you’re going to need a good cocktail or two on hand. It’s probably a safe bet that 2020 is going to be heavy on Prohibition references and classic cocktails, but if you’re looking for something with that classic feel that won’t keep you busy with a shaker all night, Champagne Planters Punch is just the ticket.

It’s hard to imagine New Year’s Eve without champagne, and of course, you could just pop open the bottle and float away on a cloud of frothy bubbles, but why stop with something so ordinary? Champagne Planters Punch is a light and delicious cocktail with a tropical feel. It combines sweet fruit juices with the warmth of rum to chase away winter’s chill for a New Year’s Eve on the beach.  As a bonus, the punch base can be mixed in quantity ahead of time and chilled, so it’s easy to make cocktails for a crowd.

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